Thu 5th May – ​Social Technology in the Workplace

Social Technology in the Workplace: Benefits and Behaviours

Many organisations from public, private and third sectors are at various stages of implementing ‘social’ style collaborative software in the workplace. The significant benefits that can follow are well-researched, as are the cultural and behavioural changes necessary if such initiatives are to be successful. The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory implemented an Enterprise Social Network as a pilot in 2013 and have since been progressively extending and embedding its use. The impact has been recognised at national level and is regularly the target of favourable comment from Executives. Glyn Jones will describe the overall arc of the implementation from initial justification for the pilot through to the recent decision to launch an external facing version of the service for partner enablement. The focus throughout will be on the business and human elements, arguments and challenges, rather than the technology features.

Glyn Jones was until recently the CIO Information Principal of Dstl – the principal advisor to the CIO on issues to do with information management and exploitation as well as knowledge management. Glyn joined Dstl in 2008 after a successful first career in the Royal Navy. Initially employed in the Geospatial Intelligence Team he contributed technically to a variety of projects and was a major driving force behind the implementation of a Defence Spatial Data Infrastructure. Moving to the Knowledge and Information Services function at the corporate level he has led the campaign to provide more modern and flexible information management platforms in a highly constrained and regulated environment. After leaving Dstl at the end of March 2016 Glyn is in the process of setting up his own business.

Time: 4pm – 6pm
Location: Mezzanine café, Curzon Victoria, 58 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6QW

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