October #teacamp – Clare Moriarty, Permanent Secretary of Defra

Picture of Clare Moriarty
Clare Moriarty, Permanent Secretary of Defra

Clare has lead the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) since August 2015. Just 4 months into the job, she was up in front of the powerful Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in the now infamous review of Defra’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) delivery programme. If you have a spare couple of hours, the video makes for interesting viewing.

Clare also has a long-standing interest in leadership, change and diversity. She attends, promotes and understands the value of open space technology (A.K.A. unconferences) and is a champion of rebels, risk takers and reformers of government, especially in the digital arena.

As the most senior civil servant in Defra, she leads 1 of the departments that will be most affected by Brexit. To that end, Clare is currently working with her 3rd Secretary of State Michael Gove, who follows Andrea Leadsom and Elizabeth Truss.

You can find Clare on Twitter at @claremoriarty

Her previous roles include

  • Director General, Rail Executive in the Department for Transport
  • Director General, Corporate Group, Department for Transport
  • Constitution Director, Ministry of Justice
  • Head, NHS Foundation Trust Unit, Department of Health
  • Principal Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Health
  • secondments to the NHS and the UCL School of Public Policy.


When is Teacamp?

  • Time and date: 4pm – 6pm, 1st Thursday of every month
  • Location: Mezzanine, Curzon Victoria, 58 Victoria street, London, SW1E 6QW

How does teacamp work?

If you want to come to teacamp, just turn up on the day, it is open to everyone. It is upstairs in the cafe, very informal and friendly. If you are coming for the first time or on your own, ask for James or Sarah and we will introduce you to some teacampers.

  • 4.00 – 4.30pm:  tea and cake
  • 4.30 – 4.40pm:  intros and plug your events, projects, etc
  • 4.40 – 5.10pm:  speakers slot
  • 5.10 – 6.00pm:  Q&A, group discussion
  • 6.00pm: #beercamp in nearest pub

Contact info

@baskers Sarah Baskerville
@jaCattell James Arthur Cattell


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