May Teacamp – Anthony Zacharzewski, Brexit, Europe, Open Gov and Connecting Citizens

Anthony runs the Democratic Society, who work with central and local government on citizen participation and civic engagement. They’ve been big supporters of digital consultation over the years, writing a report (with Snook) for GDS on that topic last year. They’re currently working in Scotland on digital PB, with the Council of Europe and the European Commission on international citizen participation, and with the Serbian government on digital participation.


Anthony moved to Brussels in July, and has been running Demsoc from there while working on their European projects, but he’s back in England for Teacamp. He’s going to talk about a a project that’s just starting on connecting up cities around Europe that want to work together to develop citizen participation, but he’s also happy to answer questions about Brexit, and how it looks from the EU end.


He’s also happy to talk about open policy making and open government, although he left the Civil Service so long ago that Tony Blair was Prime Minister and not a potential parliamentary candidate. He did sit on the Open Government Partnership UK steering group for three years, though.


When is Teacamp?

  • Time and date: 4pm – 6pm, 1st Thursday of every month
  • Location: Mezzanine, Curzon Victoria, 58 Victoria street, London, SW1E 6QW

How does teacamp work?

If you want to come to teacamp, just turn up on the day, it is open to everyone. It is upstairs in the cafe, very informal and friendly. If you are coming for the first time or on your own, ask for James or Sarah and we will introduce you to some teacampers.

  • 4.00 – 4.30pm:  tea and cake
  • 4.30 – 4.40pm:  intros and plug your events, projects, etc
  • 4.40 – 5.10pm:  speakers slot
  • 5.10 – 6.00pm:  Q&A, group discussion
  • 6.00pm: #beercamp in nearest pub

Contact info

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