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New Zealand Gov, Digital, Data & Tech

Summer holidays may be fading into recent memory, but don’t despair because you are in for a treat in this September’s #teacamp! We’ve managed to get not one, two or three folks but FIVE lovely folks over from New Zealand, who are coming over to old Blighty as part of an exchange programme with the UK Public Sector and want to share their digital & government learnings with our wee teacamp community.

New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs and the UK Home Office are piloting a two-part professional exchange in 2017. The exchange brings together staff from across the two organisations to expand their knowledge and share best practice on digital, data and technology. The UK team spent four weeks in New Zealand in March and the New Zealand team are travelling to the UK at the end of August to continue sharing knowledge on New Zealand’s approach to digital, data, and technology and learn about the UK’s approach to driving digital transformation across the public sector.


The NZ team includes:

Jessica Brown is a Senior Policy Analyst and is seconded to a multi-disciplinary team that supports the Chief Executive of the Department in his role as Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO). The project team has been set up to support the GCIO to accelerate digital transformation across government. Prior to joining this team Jess worked in the Policy Group across areas including digital identity, information, and service innovation.  

Before coming to DIA, Jess worked at the Ministry of Justice on privacy, constitutional law, and human rights.

Areas of interest include how government is responding to disruptive technology (particularly artificial intelligence and block chain), the role of policy in digital transformation, and machine readable regulation


Kate Nixon is a Principal Advisor leading work to understand the New Zealand government’s digital identity needs and future frameworks for meeting those needs.

Kate recently finished as the Service Design Lead for life event services in the New Zealand Births, Deaths and Marriages Office.

Kate led the user research and customer-centred design for the recent delivery of two cross-agency digital services for New Zealand citizens – SmartStart and Te Hokinga ā Wairua End of Life Service. These services were delivered under the New Zealand government’s Better Public Services strategy. Kate can share the lessons learned so far, in delivering cross-agency life-event services.

Prior to this role Kate worked at the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department, undertaking user research and service design for the development of digital tax and social policy services.

Areas of interest for Kate include designing services around citizen needs, collaborative cross-agency service delivery, digital identity and leveraging emerging and future technology for government service delivery.


Nicola Potter leads a team of Advisors in Identity and Passport Services focused on delivering and developing online services, understanding barriers to use of online services and driving a culture of continuous improvement.

Prior to this role Nicola spent 5 years with RealMe, primarily working to implement the Identity Verification Service (New Zealand’s digital identity offering) into the operational business, and managing ongoing product development.

Areas of interest for Nicola include approaches to digital identity, cross-agency development of services, and approaches to Agile development including scaled Agile and multidisciplinary teams.


Rachel Prosser  works as part of the Service Innovation Team at the Department of Internal Affairs, where she has been the delivery lead for a prototype Service Innovation Lab.

The Lab is an experiment in providing new ways for public, private and third sector agencies to work together, and is part of an “Innovation Toolkit” of tools and techniques to help people in New Zealand government agencies deliver customer-centric services that provide people with “easy access to public services, which are designed around them, when they need them.

Rachel has recently worked on digital identity, digital literacy and assisted digital.  Her earlier career included stints as a Corporate Lawyer in New Zealand and the UK, work with small businesses as a speechwriter, trainer and marketing consultant along with a variety of roles in government.

Areas of interest include how government system conditions can support (or not!)

cross-agency working and innovation; different approaches to delivering integrated customer-centric services; how to best support people working in government to lift their digital capability; “government as a platform” and the D5 charter goals around working openly and supporting SMEs.


Sarah Casey brings a passion for strategy and change management to the Digital Investment System.

Sarah is a Senior Strategy and Investment Advisor for New Zealand’s Government Chief Information Officer, but spends most of her days partnering with

the Treasury to offer an all-of-government lens to digital investment priorities. Sarah works with a portfolio of departments to lift their strategic planning, investment management, and asset performance capabilities, and supports system discussions around how digital, data, and technology can deliver to the strategic objectives of government, sectors, and departments.

Areas of interest for Sarah include how to create a flexible public service, able to respond to the opportunities of a digital era – considering a holistic view of system processes and levers; leadership, capability, and culture; and the use of strategic partnerships for innovation.


Come along to meet the New Zealand delegation and discuss key insights from the exchange so far, and the differences between our approaches to embracing digital government.


When is Teacamp?

  • Time and date: 4pm – 6pm, 1st Thursday of every month
  • Location: Mezzanine, Curzon Victoria, 58 Victoria street, London, SW1E 6QW

How does teacamp work?

If you want to come to teacamp, just turn up on the day, it is open to everyone. It is upstairs in the cafe, very informal and friendly. If you are coming for the first time or on your own, ask for James or Sarah and we will introduce you to some teacampers.

  • 4.00 – 4.30pm:  tea and cake
  • 4.30 – 4.40pm:  intros and plug your events, projects, etc
  • 4.40 – 5.10pm:  speakers slot
  • 5.10 – 6.00pm:  Q&A, group discussion
  • 6.00pm: #beercamp in nearest pub

Contact info

@baskers Sarah Baskerville
@jaCattell James Arthur Cattell

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